The Bean Pot

The Bean Pot is a Podcast by Adam Drinkwater, a transplanted Pennsylvanian who made his home in the very deep American Southeast. An Ambassador, of sorts, for cultural understanding. His existential journey of self-reflection, and personal growth has led him to go further and dig deeper through the art of conversation.

Listen to the Trailer and the story behind the podcast here.

Bean Pot Restaurant & Country Store

People from across Tennessee, the Southeast, and even the world passed through the doors of the Bean Pot Restaurant & Country Store. The styles changed, but the Bean Pot remained the same. Year after year, travelers and locals enjoyed the charm of the buildings, and the welcoming of the people who worked there. Sadly, the buildings and history have been lost. Those who passed through its doors can only share the memories they made, and the photos they took of this once iconic highway stop off.