Author: Adam Drinkwater

Open the Windows

Telling stories is a major part of what makes human beings unique. Before books we passed myths, and legends through word of mouth. Then we discovered writing and began recording our words onto tablets of stone, and then paper scrolls. It’s this ability to communicate complex ideas, remember them, and pass them on to others […]

At the Name of Joshua Every Knee Should Bow

Have you ever known somebody that you called one name for years only to find out later it was their middle name? Or maybe, like me, you had a nickname that almost everyone called you. My nickname was Dink. (It still is to some people). That name was so pervasive that at my high school graduation several friends didn’t know my actual name when they heard it announced. It followed me for years after high school. I had to move to another state to finally be rid of it.

Finding My Strength

What are you good at? It’s easy to focus on what we do badly. We see it in ourselves, and we’re quick to see it in others. When one of my children brings home a grade, or report card I tend to look at the worst grade first. Immediately, I want to focus all of our efforts on fixing that one grade. And, sometimes the weakness gets all the attention, and the strengths get overlooked.